How to own a car in Canada

Having a car in North America will make your life much easier. Landscape of Canada is vast therefore it is not possible to use public transport in smaller towns and rural areas. Also many jobs in North America require you to have a car to commute to the workplace.

Where to buy

If you are buying a used car then check the car maintenance records. Ask for VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to check the emissions testing history on the website (in case of Ontario*). Request the Used Vehicle Information Package from the seller or you can retrieve vehicle information by yourself from the ServiceOntario website (in case of Ontario*) to check the lien or debt owing on the car. Look for any signs of damage and ask your mechanic to inspect the car and test drive the car. If you decide to purchase the car then the seller must give you the owner permit and the Bill of Sale.

Car Dealerships

Ford Hyundai Honda Chevrolet Toyota GMC RAM

Used Cars

Kijiji Autos Facebook Marketplace AutoTrader CarDoor Clutch CarGurus

Wholesale price

You can check the wholesale and retail value of used cars on the Canadian Red Book website. The price value is based on the average amount paid for the car this year. Usually this information is used by car dealers, insurance companies and provincial governments.


To own the car it is mandatory to have the insurance coverage that protects you, passengers and other drivers in case of an accident from paying the repair cost and any liability claims.

Following list has some Car Insurance Companies from where you can purchase insurance coverage:

The Co-operators The Personal RBC Insurance Economical Insurance Belairdirect AMA (Alberta Motor Association) Johnson Insurance TD Insurance Wawanesa SSQ General La Capitale iA (Industrial Alliance) Promutuel Intact Insurance


Once you purchase the car, you have 6 days to register the vehicle on your name as the new owner. To register the car you are required to have the insurance, valid Driver License, UVIP (Used Vehicle Information Package), the Bill of Sale, the owner permit and the odometer reading information (to indicate the total distance the car has run).

To register the car check the following links according to your location.

Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick Newfoundland and Labrador Northwest Territories Nova Scotia Nunavut Ontario Prince Edward Island Quebec Saskatchewan Yukon

You need to pay the registration fee according to the vehicle class type and location. You also have to pay the sales Tax. If you are buying the car from a close family member then you can avoid the Retail Sales Tax. More information found on the above given provincial websites.